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Elevate your foreign workers recruitment processes with our all-in-one solution. From quota applications to post-arrival tasks, our system simplifies work, minimizes errors, and improves overall efficiency.

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Introducing MMS, the Manpower Management System designed for firms recruiting foreign workers. Streamline quota applications, onboarding, and post-arrival processes—all in one application. Manage attestation submissions, visas, immigration, arrivals, and Fomema checkups effortlessly. Assign workers to projects, supervise workers, track payroll, and generate invoices seamlessly. Stay on top of renewals with timely alerts for passports, work visas, and Fomema checkups. Elevate your recruitment efficiency with MMS.


  • Set up basic configurations, master data, and oversee operational activities, providing flexibility and control to system administrators.
  • Maintain a comprehensive database of prospects and clients, with a user-friendly proposal and application process for efficient client relationship management.
  • Modules for Direct Recruitment, Total Management, and e-Contract offer comprehensive support for key services, ensuring efficient maintenance and management within the system.
  • Receive alerts and notifications to ensure renewal processes. Renewal Processes are handled promptly and efficiently preventing any delays in crucial renewals.

Key Features

Direct Recruitment

Direct Recruitment

  • Direct Recruitment service aids in maintaining records from quota applying for proposals to receiving FWCMS approval.
  • Maintain records for approved quotas and levy payment. Tracking of approvals by date and document. Statistics of approved and utilized quota is provided in onboarding process for better and clear perspective.
  • Worker biodata process helps to organise workers according to KSM reference number. Each step of calling visa process is recorded.
  • Calling visa process includes insurance purchase, immigration fee paid, calling visa approval and dispatch.
  • Post arrival details with Fomema check ups are tracked and recorded. Repatriated, replaced and cancelled workers can be sorted easily. JTK submission, Special pass and PLKS status details are captured.

Total Management

Total Management

  • Total Management in MMS empowers agencies by streamlining the allocation and oversight of foreign workers for seamless project workflow.
  • The system ensures accurate payroll data capture and timely payments, while dedicated project supervisors facilitate efficient administration and direct communication.
  • Expenses function meticulously records project costs, offering agencies valuable insights.
  • With Total Management, agencies can optimize project allocation, track expenses, and enhance overall project management efficiency.


  • e-Contract service shows all companies from this service with their service agreement.
  • This service empowers agencies to deploy skilled foreign workers through tailored contracts, prioritizing precise matching of skills with project needs.
  • e-Contract ensures efficient handling of employment contracts for top-notch talent delivery and enhanced client satisfaction.

More Features


The admin module streamlines client interactions by offering master data for countries, sectors, and vendors. It facilitates branch recording based on service type and tracks services accordingly. Additionally, it records employee details and provides access to authorized employees.


The CRM categorizes prospect information based on service types and industry sectors, capturing vital details of each prospect.


The Worker Module offers a comprehensive range of information, including personal details, biomedical reports, visa details, Fomema records, insurance information, employment history, and company details. Users can easily filter workers by status, whether they are on the bench, assigned, or repatriated for a project.


The reports showcase worker statistics categorized by service type, capturing all service and renewal agreements. This module simplifies the export of worker details related to the company and compiles a readily accessible list of available workers.

Dispatch Management

Streamlining operations by efficiently assigning tasks to runners, overseeing ongoing assignments delegated by HODs or users, and generating essential acknowledgement documents for client signatures. This system ensures seamless coordination and accountability throughout the dispatch process.

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